Salute to Speed
Role: Art Director + Design Lead
Senior Designer: Yves Zhou
Production Agencies: Kameron + Leveler Media
Done while at OnePlus

As the creative design lead on this project, I worked closely with our marketing and brand teams to concept, develop and execute. 

I managed and art directed both our in-house team and agency partners to merge the values and legacies of McLaren and OnePlus.

We built everything (including launch event assets, keynote presentation, lifestyle photography, product stills, renders, product packaging, social media and the website) around our theme of a “Salute to Speed”.

“The OnePlus brand is synonymous with speed and power, two values that McLaren likewise strives to deliver with every car we build.”
- Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren Racing

“McLaren and OnePlus were born in a similar way - with a big dream to create something special. Starting from nothing, we challenged ourselves to never settle.”
- Pete Lao, CEO of OnePlus

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